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Chapter 7 complete

I just finished writing chapter 7 of The Engineer and the Apprentice.  So far things are going well with the novel since I did all the plotting.   I believe that the story is able to flow so much faster now because I have the thing outlined, albeit loosely.

For instance, my outline shows that chapter 7 is mostly talking to a chief.  By the time I finished writing it though that became a second scene and the primary scene contrasts the difference between the steam punk world and the natural world.

I checked out a book called Story Engineering by Larry Brooks and it had some great information in there.  But it tells me everything I have learned the hard way over the past 3 years as a writer.  I realized that I have to have more than a good idea, I have to have a theme for my novel.  And now I do and it is a powerful from what I gather.  

I hope my followers are as excited to read my story in the future as I am to write it.  Please take the time to check out my currently published works here.  Have a great day and happy holidays.

P.S. Check this out the kid is hilarious here.