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I have decided to draw again to relax

I used to draw a lot and had a lot of fun doing it when I was younger.  I could draw anything I saw with my eye that was a picture and could do decently with real life objects.  I always found drawing to be lots of fun and to give me a lot of joy creatively.  As I have gotten older I have stopped doing that so art is the first thing I am doing as part of stepping back thorough my life.

I started off with something simple, trying to draw a clothes basket with detergent and dryer sheets sitting on top of clothes.  Let me just say it was harder than I remember.  I almost went to school for Graphic Design, and i still wish I had, but this reminded me why I chickened out.  I hate to say I chickened out cause I hate to admit running from anything but I was scared of going to the Art Institute of Dallas.  The counselor I met said I had great drawings then asked me where my other sketch books were.  I told him that was all I had and he explained I would fill that up in a week there.  So here I am, not an artist.

The truth is I know I did not want to be a professional artist.  I did it to relax and I did it because my dad did it and he was really good at it.  My family tells me stories of how when he was in high school someone offered him three hundred dollars for a painting that he’d done using paints he made himself.  That really amazed me about my father and I wanted to have that type of impact on someone.  Needless to say my dad did not sell and sadly the painting was later destroyed in a tornado.  Really sucks.

I recently designed some business cards for myself and they came out very well I think.  I went to a book signing and the author told me to bring some of my cards and I could pass them out at her event.  She is not a big name so I have not made a big deal out of it but every bit helps right?  I really want people to read my work, share their opinions, and tell me what they think.  I want to make folks have deep thoughts about my writing as well as entertain and I believe I am on the right track.

Thanks for reading,

J. R. Martin