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I love writing

Chapter 9 is done and I feel like this is the best chapter yet.  I was really excited to write this one because it moved the plot forward, created new goals, new risks, and let us see more of Issa and Annie.  I am using a lot of symbolism in this chapter.

I also love how Issa and Annie feed off each other.  The two share a bond that I love up to this point and I am working to strengthen.  It is like Sherlock Holmes and Watson in a way but unique because of the characters’ backgrounds and the time period they are in, right at the end of slavery in America.

The magic and steam punk were not heavily featured in this chapter but a cool exciting fight scene that shows the characters are human and not unstoppable monsters(yet) does take place between Issa, Annie, and fifteen warriors from a tribe of native Americans.  I believe the brutality will be expressed in such a way that it makes sense.  My story is steam punk in the Texas post slavery west with an African man and an Asian woman as leads.  This is not a friendly place for them on either side of the divide.

Once again super excited to be finished with this chapter and I am about to start the next chapter now.

J. R. Martin