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Always Learning


The meeting was great as usual but the best part was when Gerald spoke on submissions, or more accurately rejections.  We were given two of hos stories that had been recently rejected and asked why we would reject them.  We all gave our opinion and turned out it was similar to what the editors themselves said which was cool.

I say this is cool cause this gives me an idea of what I need to shoot for in the stories I write.  It lets me know that when I do go through and edit I have specific things i need to look for.  That is great.  But it also means that I will probably spend as much time editing a story as writing it which is not as much fun  but you want the product clean and without errors.

So this is a short post today talking about the meeting.  I have got to get back to the business of writing.  I have a lot of work to do there to get my story finished.