Been Focused on School


It has been a while since I posted, thanks to everyone who is still around.  I have been focusing on school and working to finish my degree.  I have also been working at my new job building a new IT infrastructure from the ground up.  It has been fun working with my new, very small, team.  I have learned a lot about setting up servers, maintaining security, and development.  Lots of fun stuff.

Despite all that I have still been working on my writing.  I am happy to say it is getting better and I have received the best rejection letter I have ever received from an Assistant Editor at  That’s right, I made sure to submit to them again after adding an extra section they mentioned would be nice to see.  I was not disappointed.  They basically explained that I she create a longer story based on what I have.  They explained the mood and everything was well done and I loved that.  They really got the story, I could tell that, now I just need to decide if I am going to stop writing short stories lol.

If you are wondering about what is happening with the Engineer and the Apprentice…Still working on it.  I got stuck at chapter 11.  Once I get this school out of way for the semester I plan on finishing another chapter or two on the story.  I feel really confident right now after some of my recent rejections.  I know that is weird to say though, I feel better now that my rejections are getting more personal.

This is J.R. Martin signing off.  I hope we connect together again soon and my words reach you healthy and well.