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I sold my first book internationally

Selling your book is great no matter where it is.  It means someone is interested in your story and wants to know more about it and the world that you have created.  Selling books here in the US is cool, but you deal with people that have a similar culture to pull from.

Selling in another nation is cooler because you are sharing a piece of your home abroad and that people may use you to gain insight to the ideas of your country. I hope they enjoy the story and write a review for me because I am lacking in those.  But mostly I hope they enjoy the story lol.

I have other stories in the work and a couple I have got to get out there circulating.  I know it has been a while since I have posted but I have not forgotten my blog.  Life keeps us busy all the time but I will keep writing as much as possible.

Till Next Time,

J. R. Martin